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Top 6 High-Tide Essentials for a Perfect Day at the Beach

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when planning out a vacation. However, the perfect day at the beach may not be as difficult to achieve as you think. Below, we’ll cover some of our top tips for a perfect day at the beach along with some high-tide essentials we think you’ll love. Soon, you’ll be Livin’ the Dream just like us!

Beach Towels

Beach towels can turn a scorching hot day into a blissful and relaxing one. If the sand burns your toes, you might find yourself remembering blisters or lonely days in the shade instead of having fun. A beach towel can change all of that by giving you a safe place to sit. You can also relax on your towel to soak up the sun without getting sand in the creases of your skin and swim suit. Many people like using beach towels when they read books so if they brace their hands on cloth, they are less likely to get grains of sand in the pages of their book.

Plus, beach towels can protect you from unexpected shells or crabs that you might otherwise step on. They may seem simple, but they are a great essential for a perfect day at the beach. Pair a beach towel with a beach umbrella for an unbeatable comfort combo.

Beach Coolers

Many people like bringing their own cooler to the beach so they can have control over what they eat. However, preparing food can take longer than you expect, especially if you’re already stressed about running late. If you want to bring a cooler to the beach, we suggest preparing snacks and lunches the day before your trip so you’ll have one less thing to worry about in the morning.

 However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a great meal without adding a cooler to your packing list, so there’s no need to rush out and buy one if you don’t already have one sitting in your garage. If you have a busy life, don’t like lugging coolers around, or don’t like deciding in advance what you plan to eat, you may also enjoy the High Tide Bar and Seafood Grill. We offer open air dining with an incredible view you won’t soon forget, so get ready to eat, drink, and relax on your vacation. Leave the food prep to us!


Even if you don’t want to bring a bulky cooler along on your beach vacation, it’s always a good idea to keep drinks on hand. Tumbler cups are a convenient way to carry drinks in a reusable container.

If you prefer drinking from cans, consider a High Tide Koozie so all the members in your traveling party can easily identify their drinks with a cute Livin’ the Dream design. Keep your drinks cool and your body feeling fresh!

High Tide Clothing

When you’re at the beach, you want to wear an outfit that’s comfortable, easy to move in, and won’t be damaged by sand and saltwater. Consider High Tide Clothing to protect your skin from the sun. Some of our favorite pieces are the High Tide Retro T-Shirt and the High Tide Mint T-Shirt, but we offer several more colors and styles if you’re looking for a great fit on your next perfect day at the beach.

You can find all our beach clothes in either our men’s collection or our women’s collection. We even offer long-sleeved beach clothes for those looking for extra sun protection or for those who enjoy long walks on the beach late at night when the temperatures are cooler.


Sunglasses are a must if you plan to be outside for hours at a time, especially if you expect to lie on your back with your face towards the sun. Sunglasses can make it easier for you to doze off or simply admire the beautiful sky and fresh air. Don’t forget to pack them on your next beach trip.


You may also want a hat during your day at the beach. Along with sunglasses, hats can protect your eyes from sun damage. They can keep your head cool and show off your favorite style. We offer several hats at the High Tide store.

Of course, when you’re packing for a beach vacation, you should never overlook your furry friends. Always remember to check if the beach you’re visiting allows pets. If you’re bringing a dog to the beach, you’ll want to add essentials like dog leashes, pet bag dispensers, and perhaps a collapsible pet bowl to your packing list.

If your dog isn’t used to long drives or to being around people in public places, we recommend practicing with them first to help them socialize before your perfect day at the beach. Even if your dog is well trained, you should always have a dog leash in case you need it. A pet bag dispenser will help you easily tidy up after your pet, and a collapsible pet bowl is easy to travel with and will ensure your dog has a safe, clean bowl to drink from. Check on your pet throughout the day to ensure they have enough to drink.

Remember: dogs can get sunburned just like people can. Consider setting up in a shady place and bringing your own umbrella so your dog will have a safe spot to retreat if they want to get out of the sun. If you love cute beach clothes but want to take a break from your own hat for a while, you can even consider putting it on your dog’s head to provide extra shade, if they’ll sit still long enough to wear it!

We love spending time in St. John, Virgin Islands, and we love meeting people who are excited for a perfect day at the beach. Find more excellent beach tips, explore our bar and seafood grill menu, or browse our High Tide clothing collections from our online store at High Tide Boutique.

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